FeedBaG: An Interaction Tracker for Visual Studio

by Sven Amann, Sebastian Proksch, and Sarah Nadi


Integrated Development Environments (IDEs) provide a convenient standalone solution that supports developers during various phases of software development. In order to provide better support for developers within such IDEs, we need to understand how developers use them. To infer useful conclusions, such information should be gathered for different types of IDEs, for different programming languages, and in different development settings. In this paper, we present FeedBaG, an extension for Visual Studio that tracks developers’ interactions with the IDE. FeedBaG generates a rich stream of interaction events and provides means for developers to review and submit the data to a server. We recently used the tool in a study, recording more than 6,300 hours of work time. Future studies with different user groups are needed to explore and compare IDE-usage aspects, like code-comprehension assistance, in detail. Therefore, we publish FeedBaG and encourage other researchers to use it as well.



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