About Actions.xml

Actions.xml is the nice little configuration how your R# actions are added to the menus. I recently found myself in a situation where my menu items didn’t show up, even though I copied over the configuration from a playground project where it worked.

Frist thing you want to check is that the ActionsXml attribute is set in your AssemblyInfo.cs:

[assembly: ActionsXml("%assembly-name%.Actions.xml")]

Note that the file itself is actually called Actions.xml and placed in the project’s root. I’m not quite sure whether the prefix actually is the assembly or the project name, my guess is for assembly name, though.

Second thing you want to check is that the Action.xml is included as an “Embedded Resource”. To do so, go to the file’s properties and select “Embedded Resource” for the property “Build Action”. This is required if you copied the file in, because Visual Studio will set the property to “Content” then. Took me a couple of hours to figure out this one…

Fixing these two thing did the job for me.